FED Entrepreneurship Program is open twice a year, during Spring and Fall semesters. Each semester we select the most motivated and talented students with diverse educational backgrounds to join the FED Program.

In collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs and top-tier companies in Denmark, we have designed 8 weeks program that introduces FED talents to the key steps of creating a startup. We provide a toolbox of necessary knowledge, practical experience and multidisciplinary network.

We believe that multidisciplinary teams have a great potential to create strong innovative business ideas. Throughout the program, FED talents work in teams, where they can test their own business ideas and learn what it takes to turn ideas into reality.

8 weeks Entrepreneurship Program

Events & Workshops

During the Entrepreneurship Program, FED talents will attend 8 unique events in Copenhagen: 6 workshops hosted by partner companies and entrepreneurs, FED Creative Weekend guided by mentors and the Grand Final event with the panel of judges. During events FED talents will be working in teams, where they will be able to practice entrepreneurial tools and apply acquired knowledge from each workshop.


Meeting new, like-minded people from various backgrounds is a big part of FED Program. We even talk about the importance of networking and how to do it in one of our first events. Apart from networking with peers, our talents will have an opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs, partners and mentors, who will guide them through the process of building a start-up.


With team-oriented and learning-by-doing approach, FED Program provides valuable knowledge and necessary tools for every entrepreneur to be. Our events give talents an opportunity to experiment with their own business ideas and build upon the knowledge gained during the program. To develop stronger team relations after every event, we like to combine networking with discovering the nightlife of Copenhagen.


We see FED talents to be highly motivated to learn and explore the world of entrepreneurship. We create engaging events, where everyone is curious to get to know each other, enjoys working in teams and is not afraid to unleash their creativity. Our talent motivation is the driving force that brings great start-up ideas to the Grand Final event and even beyond that.