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Project Coordination

Petya Buchkova
Project Leader
With passion for IT and new technologies, I am currently working towards becoming a full-stack web developer. My goal is to combine business and IT in my future studies, but who knows where my desire for entrepreneurship will lead me.
Barbara Kozubal
Project Coordination
True believer that the world is exactly the way we see it and that each of has the power to create the reality around us and make the world a better place. Loves Scandinavian minimalism and simple pleasures in life. Passionate about unlashing inner potential and creating better solutions for everyone. Student of International Hospitality with an interest in sustainability.

Stian Roaldseth
Project Coordination


Marta Rozanska
Head of Partners and Locations
I believe that people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do! A global citizen with the passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Co-founder of TRÉS, clothing company with a focus on detail, femininity, and comfort. Vice-president at My Future, the non-profit organization in the education sector.
Petia Dincheva
Partners and Locations
I am focused on putting my passions and skills to good use by supporting organisations and projects that I really care about, where at FED for instance, I am able to support with sustaining good partnerships. Currently, I am Business Development & Partner Manager at a Danish company, that works with affiliate marketing traffic. What motivates me is attaining the unattainable to continuously improve in an ever evolving industry.

Ioana Gheorghe
Partners and Locations
Passionate about sales, strategic social media and digital transformation. My mixed background combines the analytical mindset of an education in electrical engineering with the business approach, gained from studying marketing and innovation in my masters.

Marketing & Communication

Lina Wad
Marketing & Communication
With the background in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I am passionate about the development of creative solutions for todays business problems. I have joined FED with the mission to inspire students to pursue career as an entrepreneur, as I believe that gaining practical knowledge and necessary tools is a great first step towards achieving your dreams!
Barbora Novomeská
Marketing & Communication
Passionate about slow modern lifestyle with Scandinavian vibe, I am interested in implementing sustainability into everyday lives. Currently studying Communication and Business, hoping to pursue a creative career where I could combine my interests and passions with my entrepreneurial mindset.



Tomas Vit
Head of IT


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